Watch How It's Made

A behind the scenes video that shows how the work is made, by Rob Davis


In her studio in the heart of New Orleans, Niki creates one-of-a-kind sterling silver heirloom-quality jewelry using a variety of hand fabrication techniques. Utilizing depth, shadow and movement, every piece of jewelry goes through a process beginning with inspiration and a design on paper. Using this template, and a jeweler's frame saw, each layer is sawn out by hand, sanded, cleaned, and an ink resistant acid etching technique is used for the pieces with etched frames. The finished layers are assembled with hand wrought findings.

Niki finds inspiration in literature, art, and music. A College of Charleston graduate with a major in Religion, Niki is moved by mythology, and the power of symbolism. Authors Ray Bradbury, Neil Gaiman, Lewis Carroll, and Roald Dahl have all inspired pieces of Niki's art, as well as musicians ranging from David Bowie to June Carter Cash. Victorian illustrators Rackham and Dore, as well as the art found on playing cards and the patterns found in nature influence Niki's designs.

The dark beauty of New Orleans, and it's wonderfully eclectic art scene, is a constant source of inspiration that speaks it's influence through Niki's work, and she strives to add to the beauty of this artistic landscape. The moment of connection when another person's eyes light up when her art strikes a chord in their heart, and the stories that they share is where Niki finds her joy, in seeing her art take on new meaning of the hands of another person.